Malcolm KeeReact Training and Consulting

Corporate Training for React

Professional training that helps your team delivering good experience to your customers

  • Tailored-made

    Content of the training will be customized based on your developers’ need.

  • Up-to-date

    Content of the training are up-to-date based on latest best practices for React and its ecosystems.

  • HRDF-claimable

    The training is conducted by experienced trainers that are HRDF-claimable.

Consulting Services

I can help your team to ship your applications faster by allowing your team to make key technical decisions with thorough knowledge of tradeoffs.

For examples:

  • Project structure that suits best with your use case?
  • Migrating legacy applications to React?
  • Maintainable automated testing setup & guidelines?
  • Libraries/styleguides to be used in your projects?
  • Create React App or NextJS?

Who am I?

My name is Malcolm Kee. I’m a frontend engineer and trainer specializing in React. I helped companies to migrate their applications from traditional web application to their modern tech stack with React.

I’m also a co-organizer of a local meetup, KL React, where I share about latest trend and development of React and its ecosystem.


  • From the training, I able to learn best practices in industry for React. Trainer is a user of react for his daily development which gives us the pros and cons of approaches available in React.

    Eugene ThamSoftware Engineer, Applicate
  • I was truly impressed with the way the Typescript subjects were delivered! The hands-on exercise made sure I was following, and I can also go back and forth on the subjects covered.

    LeesaSoftware Engineer
  • I never used Typescript with React and Malcolm showed a better way to use Typescript with React. It was really fun to see the code replaced by Typescript and see the code working during compile time.

    PrakashSoftware Engineer


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