Corporate Training for React (Onsite/Online)

Professional training that helps your team delivering good experience to your customers


The cost for the training is RM 700 / pax each day.

Number of days is usually 2-5 days, depending on the number of topics to be covered.

Available Topics

Topics can be added/omitted based on your team needs.

  • Modern JavaScript for React

    Learn modern JavaScript syntaxes and features that are used when developing in React.

  • React Fundamentals

    Learn how to use React components and hooks to build scalable and reusable abstractions.

  • React Testing

    Learn how to write unit and end-to-end tests for your React applications to catch bugs before your user does.

  • React with TypeScript

    Learn how to use TypeScript to keep your React applications maintainable as your codebase grows.

  • React State Management

    Learn the latest best practices to manage your data and states in React applications using Redux Toolkit and React Query.

  • Full Stack React with Next.js

    Learn how to write server-rendered React application using Next.js.

  • Creating React Component Library

    Learn how to write your own component library that can be shared by multiple projects.


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